With a reputation for elegance, quality, and sophistication, the Milan Barret name begins with the symphony of the most precious ingredients and love.

Every flower on the planet is a note in a greater symphony, telling its story of happiness, peace, or love. All we need to do is listen. Notes may link together, turning into melodies and songs that are powerful and strong. Flowers of Milan Barret are the symbol of these melodies of love, passion and loyalty leaving behind all conflicts and sadness to come together with feelings of smell. Extraordinary flowers create one symphonic feeling, which is feeling of Love.

Feel the Love! Milan Barret.


Milan Barret is one of the brands of pioneering luxury group Ineffablux, which has proved itself a leader both in France and across the world with its luxurious fragrances.

Unrivalled, unique, cutting-edge, and limited; Milan Barret provides superior luxury for the elite and available in limited supply.